Karl Kani and fashion stylist monda Kul in streetwear look.

How I caught the attention of fashion legend Karl Kani as a fashion stylist

The encounter with streetwear legend Karl Kani

Today I would like to tell you about an incredible experience: my meeting with none other than Karl Kani, a true legend in the fashion industry. But let me start from the beginning.

As a stylist, I have the privilege of working with talented artists and dressing them in the best outfits. In 2019 I had the honor of styling Loredana and Mero for their music video "Kein Plan". I was looking for a specific look that embodied 90s Tupac style and Karl Kani seemed like the perfect choice.

However, Karl Kani's German collection couldn't completely convince me. So I decided to order the parts directly from Los Angeles. I really wanted to bring the authentic 90s elements into the music video and took inspiration from Tupac and P. Diddy.

The collaboration between Karl Kani and Tupac

When the music video was finally released, something unexpected happened. Loredana and Mero's look went viral and suddenly everyone was wearing Karl Kani again. It was amazing to see how a stylish collaboration between artists and designers could generate such a response. Karl Kani himself came to me via Instagram and praised my work. A few months later Karl Kani gave a European tour and to my surprise I received an invitation from him to dinner during his stay in Cologne. You can probably imagine how excited and flattered I was. Karl Kani not only made fashion history in streetwear, but was also a close friend of music icons like Aaliyah and Tupac. It was an incredible honor for me to meet him. My highlight, however, was his stories about Tupac. He told us that Tupac wore his outfits to support him as a black streetwear designer and he never paid Tupac for it.

During our meeting we talked about fashion, music and the importance of collaboration between artists and designers. Karl Kani was impressed by my work and encouraged me to pursue my own creative path. His support and recognition meant so much to me and encouraged me to stay true to my passions.

This encounter with Karl Kani showed me that dreams can come true and that it is important to believe in your passion. I am grateful for this unique experience and the opportunity to work with a legend like Karl Kani.

Inspired by this encounter, I will continue to strive to push my creative boundaries and create unique looks.

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